Mila Redwood

Mila believes that everyone can sing. She uses group singing as a vital tool for building community, for restoring our sense of belonging and connection in the world. Her workshops and events offer a safe, fun, and enlivening space where all voices are welcome. When we sing together in simple harmony, we build bridges of acceptance, compassion, and joy.


With over a decade of experience in community organizing, team building, and group facilitation, Mila is delighted to bring her love of group singing to communities far and wide. She works both locally and globally to build bridges of song, leading group singing events and classes throughout North America. Mila facilitates workshops annually at events including Singing Alive (Oregon and Hawaii), Village Fire (Iowa), and the Spirit Weavers Gathering (California).


As a graduate of the Community Choir Leadership Training, in Victoria, BC, Mila is thrilled to lead Sing for Joy in her home city of Toronto, Ontario. Sing for Joy is an all-inclusive weekly singing event where all voices are welcome, and no singing experience is required. Mila also works locally with diverse youth and kids’ groups to bring more singing into the lives of our future generations.


Mila has worked closely with many teachers and mentors that have guided her path of song. She is thankful to Laurence Cole, Shivon Robinsong, Denis Donnelly, Liz Rog, Barbara McAfee, and Daniel Nelson… among so many more in the community singing movement.

Mila Wood Founder and choir leader of Sing for Joy