Sing for Joy Community Choir

Sing for Joy is an all-inclusive singing community in the City of Toronto, with three locations and times to choose from. All voices are welcome, and singing experience is not required. Join us, and sing your heart out! Click here to learn more.

Reclaim Your Voice: A Women's Workshop

Join us for an enlivening, fun, and supportive workshop to playfully explore the unclaimed territories of your Voice.  Together, we’ll use group-singing practices and playful exploration to connect more fully with our authentic voice as Women, and ultimately to our full aliveness. Click here to learn more.

Services for Group-Singing

Sing for Joy offers song circles and group singing workshops for youth groups & teens, children, workplaces, and public and private events. We thoughtfully craft each experience to meet the needs of your particular group. Click here to learn more.

"If you can talk, you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance."
~ Zimbabwe proverb