Children & Schools

Mila holds song circles for students in Grades 1-8. She creates a fun, relaxed, and welcoming environment for kids to sing their hearts out. All songs are easy-to-learn and taught by ear, through the oral tradition of call-and-response. Workshops are also available for teachers, professional development, or team building within schools. All songs are online to help teachers continue on their own in classrooms.


Easy-to-learn songs that:


• nourish the soul and uplift the spirit,

• can be a resource when times are tough,

• invite students to work together in creating harmony,

• build confidence and self-esteem,

• teach the art of deep listening,

• support anti-bullying initiatives.


To learn more about the benefits of group singing, click here.


Sample song lyrics —

When I rise, let me rise

like a bird, joyfully.

And when I fall, let me fall

like a leaf, gracefully.




Children’s Workshop – Sing for Joy! 

1 hour / 30 students maximum


Teacher’s Workshop – Singing Together for Community & Team-Building 

1.5 hours / Team-building & professional development


Teacher’s Workshop – How to Lead Songs in the Classroom

3 hours / Training


Contact Mila for more information on our workshops, and to discuss your group and schedule.

Mila brings a deep love of singing, which is contagious. She is a terrific teacher, very sensitive to the level and needs of the group, knows her material well, and teaches in a light and joyful manner. It's amazing how a wonderful feeling in the room is quickly generated when we sing with her. This happens every time, even with different and new participants. ~ Allan Titus, Toronto District School Board