Retreats & Gatherings

Based in the City of Toronto, Mila travels to facilitate workshops, retreats, and gatherings across North America. These are mainly village-style events, where we become a song village for 4 or 5 days in a beautiful, natural setting. See below for these annual offerings, where all voices are welcome and no singing experience is required.

Singing Alive // Kauai

Kauai, Hawaii

Singing Alive is a 4-day celebration of community singing, held on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Now in its fourth year, this inter-generational family singing gathering was co-founded by Mila and her partner Aletta, and is facilitated annually by the two of them.

Heartbeat Retreat

Orcas Island, Washington

The Heartbeat Retreat is a 5-day women’s song & drum retreat on Orcas Island, Washington. Founded by Mila in 2014, this annual retreat is an intimate deep dive into voice and song, rhythm and drum. Now in its third year, the retreat is co-facilitated annually by Mila and Baelyn.

Village Fire Singing

Decorah, Iowa

Village Fire is a 5-day singing gathering that happens annually in the Driftless bioregion of Northeast Iowa. Mila is delighted to host a group singing workshop at this gathering.

Spirit Weavers Gathering

Mendocino, California

Spirit Weavers Gathering is a 5-day celebration of ancestral and earth skills, an annual women’s gathering in the redwood forest of Northern California. Now in its fourth year, Mila has served on the Spirit Weavers Council and facilitates the annual Song Weavers Circle.

Singing Alive // Cascadia

Tidewater, Oregon

Now in its 10th year, Singing Alive Cascadia is the original group-singing gathering that happens annually in Oregon. Mila returns annually and holds a community song circle at this gathering.

I have had the joy of both witnessing and experiencing Mila's leadership and heart-full guidance as a song-leader, and organizer of Singing Alive Kauai. As a fellow facilitator, I recognize Mila's powerful abilities to quickly uplift & bring people together, weaving diverse individuals into a unified celebration of song. Her spirit shines with such a depth of compassion and light-heartedness, that smiles come quickly as she deftly guides singers & non-singers alike into an inspired harmonic choir. ~ Aimee Kelley