Toronto Street Singing

Join us on the first Monday of every month for street singing! Inspired by the idea of a “singing flash mob”, we choose a public place, and start singing an easy-to-learn song that people can join in on. It’s a lot of fun, and what better way to bring unexpected joy to the public?


Stay tuned below for our Street Singing schedule for this fall.

Upcoming Event!

Singing Flash Mob on the Subway

Sunday September 10th, 12 pm - 2 pm

We’re kicking off our fall season with a singing flash mob on the subway! What better way to bring some unexpected joy to the public?


Together we’ll sing one of our community choir’s fave songs: “One Day” by Matisyahu. This is a song about peace, justice, and this beautiful world we are making together.


Don’t know the song? No problemo! Check out the video below of our Wednesday group singing the two parts. We’ll also do a review when we meet up.


Join us on Sunday September 10th, 12 noon, at St. George Subway Station. We’ll meet upstairs near the front doors to the subway entrance, learn the song (including beat-box section), and make a plan for our singing flash mob.


Come as you are, all voices welcome…