Mila brings a deep love of singing, which is contagious. She is a terrific teacher, very sensitive to the level and needs of the group, knows her material well, and teaches in a light and joyful manner. I look forward to singing with Mila’s group, it’s the highlight of my week. ~ Allan Titus
Singing with Mila has changed my life. It has helped me to overcome my fear of singing out loud. Her loving and warm approach is deeply healing for the spirit and I feel so free when I am singing in a circle with her. I always leave Sing for Joy feeling lighter and full of confidence and cheer. ~ Edane Tobias
I am a shy person and didn’t know that I could sing. Mila made me feel so welcome and comfortable, I was able to let go and sing with all my heart. I’m now sharing these songs with my family. ~ Roula Ouroumov
Sing for Joy is so aptly named. Each week we gather to learn and sing new songs, to listen to each other, make deep connections, and open our hearts in an accepting, safe and joyful environment. ~ Ellen Titus
Sing for Joy changed my life. Learning to sing with Mila was a waking-up kind of experience. It felt like breathing. I now know that I'm going to be singing for the rest of my days. ~ Parker Glynn-Adey
Mila is a gifted guide. She helps people get in touch with that inner voice that we all have. I felt so fulfilled when I left each night, I kept humming for days! ~ Ryan Patrick
As a first time participant, I had a delightful time. Mila creates a fun, safe environment for singing together. Using call and response, it's easy to participate and learn new songs. ~ Michael Sahota
Sing for Joy had another great night this week. We learned all new songs, and were singing in 3-part harmony with some of them. If you are looking for more joy in your life, this is the place and Mila can lead the way! ~ Kate Martin