Our Community

Sing for Joy is an all-inclusive singing community in the City of Toronto. We live in the most culturally diverse place in the world, and our singing community reflects that diversity. For us, being all-inclusive means that all voices are welcome, regardless of age, ethnicity, cultural background, and musical experience. We strive to share songs that are universally accessible, that celebrate the diverse roots and origins of where we come from. This is how true harmony is made.

Our Community: Global

Did you know that Sing for Joy is a member of the Ubuntu Choirs Network, a global community of singing groups who believe that the joy of singing is a universal birthright, and that together, regardless of musical background, we can help improve the world by joining voices in song? “Ubuntu” is a Zulu word, meaning “I am because we are”. In this spirit, Ubuntu Choirs seek to create a world in which we listen deeply to those around us, celebrate diversity, trust in our voices and bring them forward on behalf of harmony, justice, and beauty.


Check out some photos below of other Ubuntu Choirs in our global community! And learn more about the Ubuntu Choirs Network by visiting the website at www.ubuntuchoirs.net.

Ubuntu Choirs believe that:

  • singing is an essential human birthright and a powerful source of energy and connection
  • singing together is a potent tool for building community
  • singing in harmony teaches us to celebrate diversity, and to practice deep listening

Ubuntu choirs are:

  • inclusive (open to people from all walks of life, all cultures, faiths, abilities)
  • non-auditioned (all voices are welcome: given the right conditions, all can learn to sing in tune and in harmony)
  • community-focused (singing to build community rather than primarily for performance)
  • socially engaged (actively involved in supporting local and global communities through vocal outreach and fund-raising concerts)

Other Ubuntu Choirs:

Here are some of our Sister and Brother Choirs throughout North America…

Gettin' Higher Choir - Victoria, BC

Golden Bridge Choir - Los Angeles, CA

You Gotta Sing Chorus - Halifax, NS